DevOps principles

So, I got this question about what kind of principles did we follow when introducing this thing called DevOps. I have destilled the principles here.
They are somewhat based / inspired by a Gavin Davies blogpost.


Whole Product Focus

  • Customer is interested in continuous value (less of negative one – issues, and more of positive one – features), not development vs. support
  • Product is finished when it is retired from production

No Silos

  • Team that delivers customer value has capability for development and support
  • Cross-functional and cross-component team owns the product and has full responsibility for everything related to the product
  • Team defines and continuously improves working agreements regarding development vs. operations

Automated feedback

  • Before production – highest quality and early discovery of problems
  • In production – built for fast analysis, resolution and low impact (not roll-back)
  • Development in service of operations (built for easy operations), operations in service of development (root cause data to solve and prevent repetition)

Perfection goals

  • Product runs itself, doesn’t require support
  • Deployment is instant
  • All issues discovered and solved before production
  • Every team member does both operations and development

Happy to hear any feedback.

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